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Work with Me

In Person or Virtually

Over 19 years of professional experience
& a lifetime of experiential wisdom in areas of

Personal Development, Healing & Embodied Transformation

Working together privately is an invaluable experience, and provides you with the opportunity to be present with the vast ecology of your life. ​It also allows me to track you more fully, and offer greater attention to the nuanced modalities that would most benefit to you.

Sessions can be structured around a specific need, modality, or both, or both so as to meet you where you are. Together we will co-create pathways that are applicable to your ongoing personal development, healing, and embodied transformation. 


As a guide, I’m passionate about helping you to embody your participatory aliveness. This means honoring your ensouled truths, following your deepest longings, and unapologetically inhabiting the largest conversation you are capable of having with the world.


I’m here to ally myself with the great liberations waiting to grow out of the compost of your life.

"What’s involved? Fierce love, razor-sharp perception, hilarious wit, penetrating insight, unschooled ceremony. Magic. And vulnerability (a wounded healer): the willingness to risk it all and be undone themself."


Bill Plotkin, Ph. D., director of the Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program; author of The Journey of Soul Initiation

My work is a convergence of:

  • Somatic experiencing & psychotherapy

  • Eco-psychology & depth methodologies

  • Trauma psychotherapy & methodologies

  • Feminist psychology

  • Gestalt psychology

  • Indigenous healing methodologies

  • Nature-based underworld guiding

  • Eco/Mysticism

  • Mythology & cosmology

  • De-colonial frames

  • Queer ecology

  • Earth-based wisdom

  • Ancestral work

  • Poetry, writing, & narrative

  • Ceremony & ritual

  • Animism

  • Contemplative & wisdom traditions

  • Cultural anthropology

  • Plant medicines & expanded states


I’m devoted to listening for the transgressive voices assembling on your behalf who know the scent and sound of your next transformation - bound, as all transformations are, with the wider and entangled transformations of the world.

As a guide, I will support you in:

  • expanding your relationship with health, healing, and wellness.

  • welcoming the cycles of change.

  • marking and celebrating your thresholds of initiation.

  • tending the relational territory of your community, ancestors, and place(s) of belonging.

  • connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition.

  • developing somatic & psycho-spiritual resources that enable resiliency, response-ability, and receptivity.

  • discerning and honing the gifts your lived experiences, ancestral lines, and relational webwork have bequeathed you.

  • strengthening your capacity to be with uncertainty and the unknown.

  • cultivating your readiness to die to old ways of being so as to birth new ways of living, loving, and relating.

  • staying with the territory of your transformation.

  • building skills that help you to track yourself and your intra- and trans-personal relationships.

  • exploring embodiment rooted in sacred play, the deep imaginal, and the eco-erotic.

  • wrestling with big questions - the kind of questions that refuse to go away and whose answers could radically shift the nature of your life. 

  • courting your dreams, shadows, images, numinous experiences, wounds, and longings.

  • deepening into your personal lore or “mythic identity," and examining your governing narratives & their relevance.

Alyona Kobevka, Holistic Psychotherapist
& Ceremonialist
"I have much appreciation for the ways that Tempist’s sensitive reflections, potent questions, and wildly loving presence has nourished me - through what feels like a sacred friendship - in my journey of remembrance, wholeness, and deepening into the fullness of who I am.”

I’m here in support of the outgrowths that mark leaps of heretical faith as old narratives are weeped over and praised for their full-bodied contributions.

Scheduling & Fees

Personalized sessions are available in person, over the phone, or through Skype & Zoom. In an attempt to make this work more accessible, sessions are based off of sliding scale: 75 minute sessions $85 - $135. If this spectrum is still inaccessible for you at this time, please reach out and discuss other options with me. Because I believe this work is so important, my desire is to make it available to all who are ready and longing to dive in, however that may look for each person.

Connect with Me

You can reach me via email, as well as phone!


Tel: 978.609.7438

Haven't worked with me before? Schedule a 30 minute free consultation with me!

Priscilla Short, Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Psychedelic Integration
"A wisdom keeper far beyond their years, they have laid the most spacious field for me to explore realms where mythos and imaginal knowing entangles itself most potently with the soft animal body of human incarnation.


“Working with Tempist as a mentor through Feral Mysticism has offered the kind of care and witnessing for my soul that I was longing for. The exploration together, and the process of transformation that they guide, is a beautiful experience of living into the multi-dimensionality of being a womxn, human, and steward of the Earth. Our work together has gifted me with renewed possibilities for my path and has strengthened my connection to the mythic threads of my being that I will be humbly embodying, I’m sure, for the rest of my life. I have much appreciation for the ways that Tempist’s sensitive reflections, potent questions, and wildly loving presence has nourished me - through what feels like a sacred friendship - in my journey of remembrance, wholeness, and deepening into the fullness of who I am.”
Alyona Kobevka, Holistic Psychotherapist & Ceremonialist

Never worked with me before?
Schedule a free 30 minute exploratory call

Let's connect & get to know each other! Scheduling a consultation call helps to determine if what I offer is the right fit for what you need at this moment in your life.

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What lights my soul afire is supporting others in listening for and following the constellating wisdoms that invoke their own deep, inner knownings. The wisdoms that beckon them across thresholds of immense transformation toward an embodiment of their participatory aliveness. 

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