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Beading, instrument crafting, guiding, writing, mothering and teaching are a few of the art forms that wield my life. Each vein, an expression of my creative participation, is imbued with the magik of deep-time conversations between myself and my multi-specied ancestors, place-based intimacy with the lands that grew me and the lands that currently hold me, and ecological inspirations that spring from the many bodies that shape not only the land but also my heart - from deer to flicker, mountain lion to coyote, yarrow to swallowtail butterfly, and on. 

For me, art is ceremony! 


My work is a confluence of diverse heritages. From pan-cultural traditions and inter-cultural cosmologies to contemplative practices and body-based approaches, I bring particular attention to folx eco- and multi-plicitious natures. With a heightened sensitivity for the dynamic body of experience each person engages the world from, my guiding is a process of listening and tracking with all of my sensual faculties. Through shared curiosity, willingness, and wonder, together we sense for the relational pathways we might follow in your entangled evolution and growth.

Upcoming Offerings

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