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Be a Person Here

Wandering the borderlands of belonging 

An experimental journey for men longing to explore what it means to be human.


A 6-Week Online Ceremonial Container

An Invitation into Wonder & Re-membrance

​What does it mean to be a person? What becomes possible when we stretch within & beyond current narratives of what it means to be a man toward a place of experimental liberation and playful transgression?

  • How do current conceptions of masculinity prohibit you from more fully inhabiting the vibrancy of your life?

  • What if you could compost current narratives, making room for the forgotten and unknown?

  • What would it be like to expand past the known regions of your identity?

  • And, what if that expansion was also a coming-home to yourself and the world? 

What waits for you in the borderlands of belonging? And how might what you discover there open you up to an even richer conversation with yourself and the world? 

Holding the Questions, Together

In this 6-week online experimental journey, we're inviting you to court such questions with us through the personal territory of your life. To allow wonder & curiosity to bring you closer to something vital to your existence and the world.


The territory we'll traverse is one of emergent homecoming. A shape-shifting land of living multitudes conjuring divergent pathways of embodied expression & tender reclamation. A place to weave a tapestry of exploration with other men that is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Together, we will create a sanctuary of divine and depraved bodies that long to pass through the cracks and caverns of re-membrance, finding our way back to a deep and ancient truth: that we belong to world, and always have. 


A truth that encourages us to live with greater honesty and richer integrity.


            An enfleshed knowing that invites us to risk-walk and edge-dwell.


                        A birthright passed on to us through the ancestral channels of our human and more-than-human kin.​​

Let's experiment with being a person - together. 


A ceremonial passage through the channels of re-membrance

This is a place for...

  • strengthening your capacity for greater intimacy through a more expansive understanding of attachment & belonging.

  • alchemizing inter-generational and ancestral wounds that arose out of the ground of protection and survival.

  • arousing the healing and transformative capacity of your imagination.

  • nourishing the hunger for connection by coming home to yourself and the world.

  • calling home the shadows that are born of social impoverishment and cultural deprivation.

  • engaging with the peripheral territories of belonging.

  • celebrating the transgressive voices of the forgotten and possible.

  • playing with identity and allowing for fluid expression.

  • dancing with what we know and what we don't know.

  • setting down the stories that are allied to fixity and certainty.

  • listening for all the ways you are being dreamed by the world & dreaming with the world.

  • being witnessed by other men who share the same longing.

  • welcoming home the exiled and outcast parts of yourself.

  • legitimizing the grief, anger, longing and desire you've carried throughout your life.

  • composting ways of living that are far too small for who you are, now.

  • honoring your porosity and transmutability.


A Place for engaging with the peripheral territories of belonging

Where We're Going

Out beyond ideas of right-doing & wrong-doing


A practice of speaking from the heart, listening from the heart, and allowing for spontaneous and emergent speech to move us toward new and forgotten ways of being with ourselves, each other, our communities, and the world. *World as human and more-than-human. 

Parts Work

Cultivating greater intimacy with all of the different parts of you that make you *you*. Within each of us is an entire community. Every part arises out of personal, intergenerational, ancestral and place-based experiences - manifestations of our entangled becoming. They carry stories, beliefs, relational patterings, and protective strategies. And make no mistake, our liberation is bound to them. 

Grief Tending

Strengthening the capacity to remain present with the territories of change, loss, ecstatic wonder, the dying of what has been, and the emergence of what might be. Through practices and invitations, we'll deepen into the fluxing tides of sorrow, anger, and despair, inviting these ecological forces to re/shape and transform who we are. 

Deep Imagination Work

The imagination is boundless, inviting the imaginer into regions of possibility, mystery, and play. It connects us with the seen and unseen, stimulating all of our organs of perception. Deep imagination work is an invitation to immerse within these regions, making oneself available to subtle and profound shifts in shape. 


Dreams are agents of initiation, transformation and healing. Dreamwork is a pathway for deepening into the greater mystery of our lives, and the lineages that have made our existence possible by listening to their wisdoms and allowing their otherworldly territories to re/shape us. 

Shadow Dancing

Shadow is what we don't know about ourselves, and carries immense creative life force. Shadow dancing facilitates an awareness of and capacity for greater intimacy with all of the parts of us that were deemed unwanted, threatening, or too dangerous to embody within the world.

Embodiment, Movement & Somatic Inquiry and Experiencing

Engaging with the body as animal, and therefore imbued with sensual, tender, erotic, playful intelligences. Each body is an extension of a larger and fluid assemblage. Through weekly practices, we'll be deepening into the territory of intuition, cellular incorporation, enfleshed expression, and sinuous alchemy. 

Art & Journaling Practices

Creativity opens the doorways to a more vibrant form of participation and exploration of Self. Through simple art practices and writing prompts, we'll encourage our inner-lives to speak with us through imagery, color, texture, and unfiltered speech.


An honoring & celebrating of the transgressive voices of the forgotten and the possible.

Meet the Guides


A territory of emergent homecoming


When & Where

June 8 - July 13, 2024
Saturdays 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. MST
Tuesdays 6 - 7:30
p.m. MST

We will be *gathering via Zoom* for all of these sessions.

Participation Fee

$400 - $600 sliding scale
$150 deposit required to reserve spot
* 12 spots available

* Payment plans available.


* Please connect with us if you are in need of financial support.


* If you are of greater financial means than others, please consider contributing to a scholarship fund. This allows for others to participate and enable us to continue offering our work at more accessible rates. 


A place of experimental liberation, playful transgression, and intra-specied collaboration.

Dive in with us! 

* Should the internet gods be feeling mischievous and you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please email us directly at

Thank you for following your longing! 

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