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"The old word for having a foot in each world is ‘weird.’ The original sense of weird involved both fate and destiny. Becoming weird enough to be wise requires that a person learn to accommodate the strange way they are shaped within and aimed at the world. Elders are supposed to be more in touch with the otherworld, but not out of touch with the struggles in this world. Elders have one foot firmly in the ground of survival and another in the realm of great imagination."

- Michael Meade

Creature Collection

My Creature Collection swam its way through an overflowing chasm in my heart whose rupture was brought forth by homesickness and a yearning for the ocean that raised me. Ancestral imagery stitched and threaded a community of creatures together, forming an ecology of color and movement. Each is so much more than a pair of earrings. They're living entities invoking the intelligence of hybridity and adaptation. Arising out of the primordial collapse of worlds, these oracular and tentacular Others are portents of wonder.


Conjuring an entanglement between eyes, snakes, pyramids, jellyfish, herons, sea urchins, obsidian and more, theirs is a wyrd/weird beauty; a vibrant strangeness that arouses a bioluminescenct imagination, coaxing a playful power from the deep, guttural cells of those they adorn. A power that transplants the wearer into the liminal - that place between and within the worlds where ancestral wisdoms can be plucked like ripe, forbidden fruit weighing down the vining web of life. Fruit whose robust seeds carry pregnant rebellions just waiting to be watered every night by the pulsing tides of unruly dreams.

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