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Enter the Dream Stream

A 4-Week Community Dreamwork Series

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We don't remember the dream, but the dream remembers us. It is there all day as an animal is there under the table, as the stars are there even in full sun.

- Linda Pasten -


This means that each dream is engaged with as a living ecology whose territories and inhabitants are approached with respect, curiosity, and wonder through full-bodied listening, imaginal attainment, intentional inquiry, and trauma-informed & mystically-rooted guidance.

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Dreams pulse with the familiar, the strange, the ancestral, the cosmic, and the chthonic. Their magic flows from the rivers of deep-time wisdom, initing us toward emergent possibilities.

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Portals of Healing, Initiation,
& Transformation

Their compelling nature beckons us across thresholds of change, deepening our sense of belonging to the world through increased intimacy with the mystery of our personal and shared existence.

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Dreams are feral ecologies that do not abide the prescriptions of social convention.

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  • Initiate us toward new shapes

  • Renew our relationship with the forgotten, shadowed and disavowed parts of ourselves. 

  • Invite us to transgress current & well-worn conceptions of Self. 

  • Pull us past the edges of our comfort toward other delicious possibilities. 

  • Gift us opportunities to alchemize wounds and ritualize scars. 

  • Help us metabolize difficult emotions such as grief and anger. 

  • Connect us to our ancestors, guides & more-than-human kin.

  • Evoke our aliveness - that spark of longing that evokes the truth of our lives.

  • Reveal hidden capacities, and (re)introduce us to our personal lore. 

  • Remind us how entangled we are with the Earth & Cosmos. 

  • Stimulate richer conversations with ourselves, our communities and the world. 

  • Deepen our relationship with the mystery of existence.


Dreams invite us to transgress well-worn conceptions of self, and by extension the world.

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When & Where

June 8 - July 13, 2024
Sundays  4 - 6:30 p.m. MST

The Juniper Sanctuary
Pagosa Springs, CO

Participation Fee

$75 - $100 sliding scale

* If you would like to participate and need additional financial support please reach out. 


* If you are of greater financial means than others, please consider contributing to a scholarship fund. This allows for others to participate and enables me to continue offering my work at more accessible rates. 


Tempist Jade
ph: 978-609-7438

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