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Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Private & Group Sessions

As a seasoned yoga and meditation & mindfulness (m&m) teacher, trainer, and practitioner with over 2000 hours of training, I know firsthand the profound benefits of these ancient practices. I've spent over 13 years honoring their roots while also making them as accessible as possible for all bodies. From being lead faculty of teacher trainings to guiding retreats, from private sessions to founding an international non-profit that delivered mindfulness-based trainings to partner organizations, I have an extensive background of experience in distilling what I continue to learn so as to meet people where they are. My teaching is a confluence of various traditions and methodologies, from Hatha and Tantra yoga & neuroscience to functional anatomy & mindfulness-based education.

Yoga and m&m are life-long practices that invite us to show up as we are on any given day & season of our life, helping us to meet the changing nature of ourselves, our lives, and the world with curiosity and compassion.

Benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

  • enhance your physical, psychological, emotional, relational & spiritual well-being

  • build physical and emotional alignment, strength & resilience

  • cultivate greater presence & present-moment awareness

  • refine body & mind awareness

  • support sleep patterns

  • increase your psychological, emotional, & physical  windows of tolerance

  • stretch & reshape narratives of self and the world

  • navigate stretches of postural & life transitions from the seat of personal wisdom

  • metabolize & integrate trauma (physical & psycho-spiritual)

  • discover new pathways of movement & more freedom in the body, mind, and heart

  • rewrite and rewire channels of perception

  • improve respiration, energy, & vitality

  • cardio & circulatory health and increased bone density

  • nervous system regulation & stress reduction

  • ease symptoms from ailments such as arthritis

  • and many more!


  • Personalized yoga sequencing that meets your body's needs

  • Breath work

  • Guided meditations

  • Mindfulness-based practices

  • Somatic inquiry & experiencing

  • Trauma-informed somatic exploration & integration


60 minute private sessions - $80

90 minute private group sessions - $130

*Private session sliding scale available upon request


We can connect online or in-person. I can either come to you or you can come to my home office location which includes an outside movement platform I utilize during the warm months that is surrounded by trees and mountain wildflowers.

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"Tempist is, by far, the most grounded, insightful, knowledgeable, fun and inspiring yoga teacher I have had. And I have been practicing yoga since 1990. Their wisdom about the body's anatomy/physiology is sound, and her intuitive sense about what their students' bodies need are impressive. Amalgamating the best from several styles and schools, they follow the Hatha & Tantra lineages without being dogmatic. I would recommend them as a teacher to anyone who wants to gain an intimate knowledge of one's own body, and a deeper healthier relationship with it through yoga asana practice & breathwork."
Beth Strongwater
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