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Dive Into the Dream Stream

Dreams are mysterious agents of our ongoing development and evolution. Spanning peoples and place, dreamwork is a cross-cultural tradition whose practices remain diverse. Every night, whether we remember or not, dreams plunge us into the territory of the imaginal where we entangle with all manner of places, spaces, peoples, creatures, and more. 

As teeming ecologies, dreams pulse with the familiar, the strange, the ancestral, the cosmic, and the chthonic. Their magic flows from the rivers of deep-time wisdom, inviting us toward emergent possibilities. 


Ranging from wondrous to terrifying, dreams are portals of initiation, healing and transformation. Their compelling nature beckons us across thresholds of change, deepening our sense of belonging to the world through increased intimacy with the mystery of existence. 

"Journeying through one night’s dream with Tempist can help me remember parts of myself that years of conventional talk therapy have never touched."
Ursala Hudson,
Tlingit Artist

Dreams are feral ecologies that do not abide the prescriptions of social convention.


  • Initiate us toward new shapes

  • Renew our relationship with the forgotten, shadowed and disavowed parts of ourselves. 

  • Invite us to transgress current & well-worn conceptions of Self. 

  • Pull us past the edges of our comfort toward other delicious possibilities. 

  • Gift us opportunities to alchemize wounds and ritualize scars. 

  • Help us metabolize difficult emotions such as grief and anger. 

  • Connect us to our ancestors, guides & more-than-human kin.

  • Evoke our aliveness - that spark of longing that evokes the truth of our lives.

  • Reveal hidden capacities, and (re)introduce us to our personal lore. 

  • Remind us how entangled we are with the Earth & Cosmos. 

  • Stimulate richer conversations with ourselves, our communities and the world. 

  • Deepen our relationship with the mystery of existence. 

"Tempist helped to pull out the most profound morsels of my subconscious through a full somatic journey. This allowed for deeper levels of healing, awareness, and integration."
Rosie Blüme,
Artist & Wellness Practitioner

Dreams invite us to transgress current & well-worn conceptions of self, and by extension the world.

Dreamwork Approach

Every time we dream we enter a world that saturates us with an experience. These experiences have the potential to (re)shape who we are and how we are in relationship with the world. When we surrender ourselves over to their deep-time intelligence wondrous and unanticipated possibilities take root. 

Dreamwork is a deeply intimate exchange between myself and the person whose dream is being shared. 


The kind of dreamwork I facilitate is somatic and non-interpretive. This means that each dream is engaged with as a living ecology whose territories and inhabitants are approached with respect, curiosity, and wonder through full-bodied listening, imaginal attunement, intentional inquiry, and trauma-informed & mystically-rooted guidance.


Dreams are experiential landscapes, and dreamwork sessions are an opportunity to allow your dreamtime experiences to initiate you toward new shapes, invite you beyond the boundaries of the known, and reconnect you with the forgotten, ancient & emergent nature of who you are. 

"The profound movement and understanding that I felt within myself after our session was nothing short of magical."
Ren Russ,
Multiplicitous Being

Rather than working the dream, together we invite the dream to work you.

"We spent nearly 90 minutes together, navigating some of my childhood trauma that was close to the surface through the lens of this powerful dream. Tempist was gentle and nurturing, inquisitive, an attuned listener."
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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"As a life-long skeptic of dream work, I began exploring my dreams with Tempist reluctantly, because it was a complimentary component of a larger program with them. After remembering my first dream, Tempist had me retell its story nuance by nuance. They gently shone light on a string of the longings and emotions that accompany me in my waking life, but have shied away from. They allow their curiosity to question the quality of things that I tend to overlook or devalue, allowing for dark little morsels to burst into vibrant revelations. Journeying through one night’s dream with Tempist can help me remember parts of myself that years of conventional talk therapy have never touched. Tempist has helped to show me that my body and spirit hold the wisdom that I long for, only revealed in the darkness of night."

Ursala Hudson, Tlingit Artist

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