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Bennu Takes Flight

Bennu is theorized to be the Egyptian version of the Greek Pheonix. A living symbol of resurrection. One who wields the medicine of transformation that comes with death and birth.

The Atef (pharaonic crown) on Bennu’s head is also believed to be an entheogenic mushroom flanked by two feathers.

To me that possibility makes so much sense, particularly given the therionthropic polytheism of my ancestors. It’s a testament to expanded states of consciousness and the experience of trans-specied wisdom & divinity.

Their devotion and celebration of hybridity tickles my insides with such profound joy.

These pair of beaded beauties are in celebration and honor of Bennu. A form of poetic adornment invoking the rigorous rites of change that come with being alive, and the courage it takes in saying yes to the great and wondrous possibilities of this precious life.

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